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A True Garage Band

Founded in September of 2019, our members are: Randy Bargar (bass), Steve Hansen (guitar), Eric Jenson (drums), Gabrielle Schrack (vocals), and Isabelle Schrack (keyboard+vocals). After a UWF alum got together a varied group of people from UWF and Craigslist, these new friends have been jamming out and grabbing beers in Eric's garage every Saturday ever since. Since wild Friday nights were making Saturday mornings rough and filled with cofee, the name "SLEEP Shāmers" was born.

We provide live music, have a professional sound system and light show, and know how to energize an audience (no "sleeping" on our shift).
We're available for your: bar / restaurant / beer garden / festival / charity event / corporate event / private party. Just let us know!

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